Life Reflections

Have you reflected on your life lately? Before we move forward, reflection is necessary to determine success or failure. Can you say that you are blessed?  Read More

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Financial Blessings

Money, money, money.  Who can use a financial blessing today?  We often think that life could be so much simpler if we had more money.  It is a challenge some to meet monthly expenses every month.

Do you control your money or does your money control you?   Many of us have experienced financial turmoil at some point in our lives. Some of us are currently fighting this never-ending battle. There is a way to survive and overcome this challenge that threatens so many lives. Read More


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Will You Fight?

Will you fight? Gives thanksgiving unto the Lord daily and praise Him for who he is.  When praises go up, blessings come down.  

Can you imagine receiving a blessing every few minutes.  Yes, it is possible.  You can receive a blessing everytime you open your mouth.  

Begin by giving thanks for the little things.  Be thankful for waking up in the morning.  Be thankful for your health and strength.  Be thankful for your sound mind.  

Put some thought into the things that you are blessed with and begin to give thanks.  Give thanks even  if things are not the way that you want them to be.  Thank him for the change that is on the way.

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Love Condition

What is in your heart?  A quick way to tell what is in your heart is to pay attention to what comes out of your mouth.  The things that you say comes from somewhere.  It didn't just pop into your mind.  If you said it, then it came from the heart.

Love is a condition of the heart.  Make it a habit to stay positive.  Pray always and meditate on the things that are pure and good.  You will see positive results if you keep your mind on God.  He is good.  You were made in his image.

Do you have a heart for others?  Serving others and putting their needs above self is edifying to the body of Christ.   The things that we may consider insignificant just might be the motivation or inspiration that someone else needs.  Serving others is to serve Christ.  When serving we must have love in our hearts.  Read More

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