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I am Evangelist Gatley. I am graduate from W.L. Porter Institute, COGIC. I enjoy educating others about The Lord Jesus Christ. I am an educator. I enjoy teaching, as well as writing. I am on a personal mission to help others find joy, peace, love, and increased faith. As I continue to gain revelations from my studies, I hope to share the words that the Holy Spirit has put on my heart to share and bring clarity to many subjects. Most of all, I hope to bring encouragement to the Saints using sound doctrine.  At     A Designed Transformation , you will find a wealth of information to grow in your faith, as well as a wealth of resources, such as personal care, self-help, personal development and more. I would love to hear from you. 

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God´s Blessings! 
Evangelist Celestine A. Gatley

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  1. I really love it but l don't have enough to join group but how can l

    1. Thanks for asking. The Facebook groups are free to join, you can read resources from this site for free.


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