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My name is Celestine Gatley. I am a Missionary. I am also a learner at W.L. Porter Institute, COGIC, as well a doctoral student at Capella University. I enjoy educating others about The Lord Jesus Christ. I would love to go to God in prayer on your behalf.  Please submit your prayer request using the contact form, Email, Facebook, or Twitter.

I am an educator. I enjoy teaching, as well as writing. I am the Editor for the Learning Disabilities and Baptist Channels at BellaOnline.  I also offer a motivation course online.  I am on a personal mission to help others find joy, peace, love, and increased faith.  

As I continue to gain revelations from my studies, I hope to share the words that the Holy Spirit has put on my heart to share and bring clarity to many subjects.

Most of all, I hope to bring encouragement to the Saints using sound doctrine, as well as lead others to salvation.   

I enjoy helping people, writing, and being creative.  I also enjoy creating videos to encourage and inspire.  I believe in the promises of God, as well as the belief that we can transform our lives one thought at a time.  I truly believe that we can live a blessed life while in the land of the living.

If you know me, then you know that I love to shop.  I can shop online all day long if I could.  I often purchase books from the Amazon's Christian Books and Bibles section.  I also love to shop for beautiful things for the home.  Colorful items have a way of cheering things up.  I will be doing pop-up shops  from time to time.

I am currently working on new inspirational and informative ebooks, so be on the lookout!

You are important to me!  I would love to hear from you.  Please make lots of comments and pass the information along to everybody you know.

God´s Blessings!

Celestine A. Gatley

A Designed Transformation




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