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The Good Fight:  The Lord Fights Our Battles Is Now Available in Audiobook!  Learn more

Available in Audiobook! Learn more

The Lord Fights Our Battles For Us! 

Sometimes we know things in our heart, but our minds need to catch up.  It is one thing to know of something, but it is another to know for yourself.  Learn how to fight the good fight and win.

The good fight of faith is essential in this battle if we plan to come out of it victoriously.  We do not fight against flesh and blood.  The warfare may become very intense, but know that you have the victory with the Lord Jesus Christ.  When we attempt to fight our own battles, we become worn down and tired very fast.  The enemy knows when you are a one man or one woman show.  He knows that he will get stronger and you will get weaker and eventually give in to his devices.  

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