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Positive Thinking: Change for the Better

My thought for the day is: As a man thinks, so is he. With that said I think I am blessed and highly favored.  Today is a good day.  It is amazing how our thoughts can take control of us.  For instance, if you for some reason you think you are ugly, then you will be ugly.  Everybody will see you as an ugly person.  You will not have any confidence.  You will wallow in sorrow and self pity.  When you look in the mirror, you will see an ugly person.
Change your thinking.  What if one day you looked in the mirror everyday and told yourself that you are beautiful.  Because your perception of yourself changes, the way you carry yourself changes.  The world will begin to look at you in a different way.  Some may even tell you that something is different about you.
Well, what if you take that philosophy and applied it to every area of your life.  Suddenly things start to change.  You start to look different, act different, dress different.  Good things start to happen to you more often.  Before long, you start to expect good things to happen.  Self-confidence increase.  Next thing you know, you think you can do anything.  All because you changed your thinking. 
Think positive thoughts about yourself and find something positive about your situation and other people.  Watch how fast things turn around for you.  Yes, you could do it by yourself.  The only problem with that will be faced with negative thoughts, situations, and people that don't have the faith that you have.
There is always a solution.  Pray.  Prayer can change any situation.  All things are possible through Christ.  If you find that you keep getting in the same situations that keep you bound by depression, sickness, and loss, try prayer.  It works.  I promise.
Prayer Still Works

Celestine A. Gatley 
A Designed Transformation 

Need more inspiration?  Listen to the Faith Builders Podcast


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