Keep it Positive

I am excited to share my designs with you!  I hope that you will enjoy and be blessed by them.  All designs can be purchased on hundreds of items at my online shop - Every Good and Perfect Gift.

My goal is to bring a positive twist to all of the hurt and disappointment in this world.  I hope that my work will bring someone joy.  There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a gift.  I do it all of the time.  Nobody can love you better than you can love yourself.  You have to first love yourself before you can truly love anyone else.  Don't underestimate the power of love.  You will be amazed at how things can turn around for you when you least expect it.  When you change your perception of the way things look, you change the way you deal with situations.  Take a look and enjoy.  I would love to hear from you.  Connect with me on Facebook.

Prayer Still Works

Celestine A. Gatley 
A Designed Transformation 
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