Pandemic Worries

Have you been forced to take a long and hard look at the things that you can live without?  As this pandemic sweeps through the world,  most of us have been forced to change our daily schedules.  This is a challenge for many.  We are set in our daily routines and daily hustle and bustle.  It has forced us to social distance and take a good look at our financial stability,  as well as the health of our bodies. 

People around the world are being challenged to focus on their  relationship with Jesus instead of fitting Him into their busy lifestyles and serving him half-heartedly.   We serve a jealous God.  Serve Him and put no other gods before him.  The idols are being removed.  Yes, God is doing a new thing in us.  We have to be able to hear His voice  in order to align with His will.

This is the time to make changes for the better.  There is always room for improvement.  We can start a budget, eat healthy, spend quality time with loved ones that live with us, and grow closer to the Lord.

As we grow closer to the Lord, our faith will grow even stronger.  When faith grows,  worries lessen.  The important thing to remember is that trouble does not last always.  This pandemic will pass.

 It is a stressful situation for so many people.  Suicide rates are up, as well as drug and alcohol consumption.  Please do not use a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  These things will not solve anything.  They only make things worse.

It is easier than ever to worship with the church of your choice.  Social media sites allow you to make connections with others for praise and worship service.  Remember that you are not alone.  God is with you and He will take care of you.

Be Blessed.

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