Increase Anyway

Have you been fasting and praying?  Are you waiting on something to happen?  Does it seem like you are waiting in vain?  Do not be dismayed.  It will not go unnoticed.

Sometimes it feels like God has forgotten about us.  He has not forgotten.  The Lord hears our prayers.  He rewards those that diligently seek him.

Do not be discouraged.   God has not forgotten us.  He gives us strength when we feel that we can't make it.  He does not always give us the answer that we expect.  He may have a better solution.

God gives us increase.  It is His will that we live an abundant life.  We are to have more than enough.  Even things like delay are working for your good.

I pray for increase.  I decree and declare breakthrough in the Name of Jesus.  Do not worry. Do not throw in the towel.  Go forth with expectancy knowing  that the Lord answers prayers.  He said just ask.  Whatever the need, just ask.  He is able to do all that you ask and more.

He fights our battles for us.  He told us to speak to the mountain.  Try speaking to it and watch it move.  No, we can't move the mountain in our own strength,  but our faith in God allows God to move on our behalf.


Dear Lord, have your way.  We need you to step in and bring peace that only you can give. Shalom.  We need peace that passeth all understanding.  Let your peace overtake the spirit of fear and doubt.   Bring certainty for so many who are left bewildered and don't know which way to turn. Fill us with the fruit of the spirit until it overflows.  In the Mighty  Matchless Name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Be Blessed.

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