We Need Peace Today

Do you have peace?  In the mist of all of the problems in the world, do you have true peace?  Do you have peace that passeth all understanding?

Worldly peace and Godly peace are not the same. They are the total opposite. Worldly peace depends on emotions, the actions of others, and feelings.  All of these things can change in an instance.   God gives us total peace.  Shalom.  Peace that is found in the spirit.  This total peace allows you to be comforted even in a pandemic, sickness, unemployment or anything else that the enemy throws out at us.  

It is my prayer today that we have shalom.  Peace in the mind, peace in the body, and peace in the spirit.  We can have peace because we know that all is well with us.  We can rest because we know that the Lord has already made a way for us.   

We know that God is our provider.  He is our healer.  He is our way maker.  He is also our protector.  He is everything that we can imagine plus much more.  He is God.  He gives us peace because He loves us.  

God had us on his mind even before we were born.  He had us in mind when He created the earth.  Each and every person was designed with a purpose.  This is why there is no need to worry.  He will provide if we trust Him.  

Alot of times we think we are doing something by trying to work our own situation out.  He made it clear that He is God.  He does not need our help.  He is God.  He has all power in His hand.  Trusting God and having strong faith brings peace.

Lord we need your peace in the mist of the storm.  You said just ask and it will be given unto you.  Thank you for your peace.  Amen

Be Blessed

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