Time to Reflect in This Season

This season has taught me to appreciate the people that are dear to my heart and to cherish every moment, whether good or bad.  And most importantly, to put God first because nothing is promised to us.

As the enemy works hard to discourage and hinder us, remember that you were created to win.  You are the head and not the tail.  You are above and not beneath.  You are the lender and not the borrower.  Believe that you are who God called you to be.

As you go through this day, take a look at your current status.  Are you growing closer to God, or are you growing in the opposite direction?  This has proven to be a difficult time for so many, but even in your difficult season, be sure that you are staying in the will of God.  

Do not be discouraged.  The Lord is with you.  He promised to never leave you.  That has not changed.  I decree peace and prosperity in Jesus Name.  

Be Blessed

Celestine Gatley

I just bought this book!  Get ready for the Book Club.


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