Friday Prayer to Cover Us This Weekend

 Does all hell break loose on the weekend?  It seems like it does.  If you watch the news on Monday morning, you will hear about all of the mishaps and crimes that took place over the weekend.  

It is my prayer today that the weekend will bring blessings.  His blessings are new every morning.  I decree today that we are blessed.   Our food is blessed.  Our bodies are blessed.  Our finances are blessed.  Our children are blessed.  Our relationships are blessed.   Our businesses are blessed.   Our travels are blessed.  No weapon formed against us shall be able to prosper.   Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.  Sickness and disease shall not come near my house.  My house is blessed.  My family is blessed.  My seed is blessed.  I am blessed going in and blessed coming out.  Doors are opening that can't be shut.  I bind the enemy up on every side and cast him out in Jesus Mighty Name.  I put on the full armor of God and a hedge of protection around all those that pray this prayer in Jesus Name, Amen

Celestine Gatley 

A Designed Transformation 


I just bought this book!  Get ready for the Book Club.


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