Life's Purpose

I am sitting on my bed thinking about my life's purpose.  For some people, it is something that is never realized.  I don't plan to be one of those people.  I have been praying quite often asking God to answer this question for me.  Well, I am pretty sure that he did.  I, like so many others ignored the small voice of God.  If you are close to God, you will get more than a small voice.  I get huge heart-felt convictions in my spirit when I am going in the wrong direction, saying something I shouldn't be saying, or even doing something that opposes the will of God.  This is not something that just happened overnight. 

With that said, I look back over my life and look at all of the trials, tribulations, and victories that brought me to this place.  I have come to realize that all of those things happened on purpose.  God has a plan for my life.  It is up to me to follow his plan, rather than follow my own plan.  Following his plan leads to happiness, joy, peace, and love. 

I have come to realize that my true purpose is to help other people find the same freedom that I enjoy.  It is a good feeling to be set free from bondage.  It is a great feeling to experience the fruit of the spirit.  There are so many people that suffer with oppression.  Living with sickness.  Feeling hopeless and depressed.  I am not saying that all days are perfect.  There are challenging days, but I can rest in knowing that I have a comforter that is always with me.  One day the Holy Spirit told me that I was experiencing certain things in my life because I was not totally trusting God with everything.  Sometimes we have a tendency to hold on to some things and let others go.  Well, I learned the hard way to let go and let God do the work because he doesn't need my help or my suggestions.  He is God all by himself.

Because of my purpose, I share the truth with others as much as possible in some type of way.  My designs have a positive and uplifting feel because sometimes the little things can make a huge difference in someone's life. 

Celestine A. Gatley

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