Finding Joy in Troubling Times

People often mistake happiness for joy. Unfortunately, they are not the same. You do not necessarily have to be happy to have joy. Happiness is based on your emotions. Joy, on the other hand, has to do with a condition of the heart. A joyful person can be happy. I have a question. Can a sad person have joy? Because happiness and sadness are emotions, they can change several times. Joy is a little different.

Joy is a fruit of the spirit. Joy is knowing that God is in control. Regardless of the things that are going on around us, we know the facts. We don't have to think about it. We know that all things will work out in our favor. This fact allows us to have joy in our hearts.

Joy is our heart allows us to be happy in troubling times. Happiness is a byproduct of joy. When we have joy in our hearts, we appear to be happy. We don't feel the pressure of the world on our shoulders because we can turn it over to God and move on to something else. We can do this because of the trust that we have in God. We know that God can handle any situation, small or large, and know that it will work out for our good. That is why we can say all is well. Our faith in God will make every situation work in our favor.


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