I Will Not Be Moved

Life comes with circumstances,  trials, and tribulations.   I do not know anyone who has not experienced some type of difficulty.   If someone says that they had the perfect life, I would wonder about their honesty if I were to look at things with a limited lens.  No one has a perfect life from birth to death.  There will be disappointment, as well as joy along the way. 

When faith comes into the picture,  things take a turn that all may not understand.  We are to speak words that edify and bring life to the situation.  These words may not always line up with what we see.  It may actually be the total opposite. 

When the Bible says let the sick say I am healed, it is with the understanding that sickness may be in the body, but by faith we are healed.  We may not see the physical healing at that moment.  Understanding that we are healed by faith and trusting that healing will manifest in the body can be compared to the faith of the size of a mustard seed.  All it takes is a little.

We must get to the place of only believing the Word of God.  Regardless of what it looks like with our physical eyes.  We are healed by faith.  Not faith in ourselves, but the faith in God.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  By His stripes we are healed. 

The same is true for any other problem that we may face.  Learning to live with the problem and becoming content is not the solution.  Fight for your blessing.  Learn how to pray, praise, worship and meditate on the Word.  Wrestle if you have to.  Bombard the throne with prayer.  Do not be moved by what you see, hear, feel, touch, or taste. 

The five senses will not grow your faith.  You have to believe that it is so before you can see it.  Do not be moved.  Some prayers are answered more quickly than others.  Regardless of the time frame, keep the faith.  Do not be moved. 

Written by:
Evangelist Celestine Gatley 


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