Life After 50

Life After 50 has been satisfying.   Before 50 it was rush, rush, rush.  I have to get this done, I have to get that done.  Somehow along the way, I truly began to trust God to provide, heal, and sustain me and my family.

I have learned to complain less and pray more.  I try not to go on my soapbox because the Lord has made it clear to me that my complaining, along with feeling sorry for myself, does not move God.

I have learned to meet the Lord in praise and worship.  My prayers have turned into a word of thanks because he said in His Word that if I seek I shall find and if I knock, the door will be opened to me. If I just ask Him, He will answer.  I have come to realize that there is no relationship that is as important as the one that I have with God. 

I appreciate my health.  I appreciate my career and I find joy and satisfaction in knowing that I am helping others.  I adore my family, even when my adult kids don't do what I want them to do on their path to success.  I have to remind myself that I consulted the Lord and asked Him to guide them along the way. I know that all things will work out for them.  I still speak blessings over their lives.  Now that some of them are parents, I speak blessings over the grandkids, as well.   I taught them to be independent.   Well at least I tried. 

I am truly blessed.  I adore my church family and keep them uplifted as well.  Through it all, I can say that God has been good.

I have learned the importance of breaking generational curses and praying that they turn into blessings.   I am sure that I am the only one that has that issue.  Not.  The Lord has fought every battle for me and has never left me. 

Life After 50 is good.  I am in my right mind and absolutely love life.  Yes, I am an introvert.  I love me time.  I enjoy taking myself to my favorite spot and sitting quietly meditating on God's Word.

A Word of Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

I give you the glory, honor, and praise on today.  You are able to do far above what I ask or even think. 
I bind every hindering spirit and every setback and delay..  I bind the spirit of sickness and disease, as well as the spirit of infirmity.   I speak life over my family.  I speak life to all those connected to me.  I speak life.  I pray that you have life and have it more abundantly in Jesus Mighty Name.  I pray that your finances are blessed in Jesus Name.  I give God the Glory.  Amen

Written by:

Evangelist Celestine Gatley 


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