For the Love of What

There is a huge rise in violence and death these days.  If you receive alerts daily, you will be bombarded with all of the latest negative news.  We hardly ever receive anything positive.  Ask yourself a question.  What do you love?  What do you value?  Do you know who is in control?

Do not allow your faith to waiver.  These things are definitely faith boosters.  Read the Word of God, stay in prayer, and be careful about the things that you allow in your ears and see with your eyes.  Guard your heart with diligence.

Everybody seems to be prophesying these days.  Be careful.   If you know the Lord and have a relationship with Him, you will discern false prophesy.   

God is in control.  Do not depend on luck or chance.  Depend on the One that has ordered your steps.  

Be Blessed,

Evangelist Celestine Gatley 

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