Thank you Lord

 Heavenly Father, thank you. Thank you for grace and mercy.  Thank you for unmeritted favor.  Thank you for every breath.  Thank you for placing the right people in my life and removing those that bring nothing good to me.  I decree and declare that I shall live and not die. I will declare the works of the Lord and I will work while it is still day because when night comes no man can work.  Let your will be done.  In Jesus Mighty Name that I pray. Amen

Do not lose hope today.  Do no waste your time focusing on your situation.   It may look bad. It may even be discouraging.  I am here today to say hold on.  Let me say that again because it is worth repeating.   Hold on.  God is not done.  Put your hope in Him.  He can bring you through.   Not only bring you through the fire, but you won't even smell like smoke.  You will look back and say I don't know how I made it.  God did it.


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